Monday, October 11, 2004

I Did It Their Way

When asked what he would have done differently with regards to terrorism, John Kerry said, "I would have done everything differently."
Did you hear that Osama Bin Laden? You would still be able to slither around in the light of day, make some calls, set up a murder or two thousand, have plenty of co-horts still available to carry out the deeds, and have a friendly regime in a rugged country to shelter you.
Did you hear that Taliband? Let's just say that the women you were brutally raping and murdering would not be voting today, much less taking part in the government itself.
Did you hear that Saddam? Hold out both hands; hole or Palace, ruler or prisoner, let's see...
Did you hear that UN? (and I did bow when I mentioned the sacred ones) You would still be skimming billions with your snuggly relationship with Saddam and making the largest scandal in the history of the world even more great.
Did you hear that America? As it was throughout the 90's, terrorism would be just an inconvenience. Defense would be cut to the bone. Intelligence a dirty word that better not look a second time at an illegal, muslim, known terrorist, trying to learn how to land planes, or seeking some explosive device. We'll invite Osama to a summit with Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and the families of victims of 9/11, and see if we can "just all get along." Of course this will follow a stern scolding to make sure it's understood that you shouldn't do that.
And sometime soon, the mushroom cloud would rise. The Liberals main concern then will be that it's over the "flyover states." You know, the "red" one's on the map.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

I Come To Bury Kerry, Not To Praise Him

Would someone ask John Kerry a simple, direct question please? Now, I know a simple direct answer is totally out of the question, but that's another subject. My question if I were in position to ask, say as maybe a journalist, would be "Why have you never signed the release form that would OK the publishing of all of your military records? You know, the form that President Bush signed a long time ago, thereby rendering him with no control whatsoever over what is released to the public. I guess he has nothing to hide. And while you're thinking over an answer, how do you and your accomplices in the media get away with portraying President Bush as stonewalling on his records, which is impossible when he has no control over them (the release form, I'm getting back to it), yet no one demands anything from you?"
OK, maybe this wasn't real simple but it was direct.
Simple direct question # 2. "Which should be a bigger concern to American voters, that you, in your own words, committed atrocities and crimes that resulted in mutalation and death to innocent people while in service, then upon returning home (or what I like to call Phase II of self-promotion), chastised all your fellow soldiers as malefactors thus abetting the enemy and helping along the agenda of the radical left spreading hatred of America and have our finest and bravest bare the brunt of their acerbic efforts? Or, a fake document that suggests this horrible thought. George Bush may have missed a physical that he wasn't supposed to have anyway?"
Now, while you're mumblin' and bumlin', lyin' and sighin', I'll be making a list of what is really important in this election.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I'd Rather Not Watch CBS

Dan Rather and CBS suffer from an inflated sense of self-importance. In their minds, they had a major hand in bringing down a President thirty years ago. That's about the last time I saw anything from CBS, as the story and the people conveying it became bigger than the actual event. Make no mistake, Richard Nixon was his own worst enemy and the results were to be the same whether we were getting reports from Danny Boy or Captain Kangaroo. But to them, they made it happen.
But it's a different day now. I know there are still a few people who watch CBS NEWS, but remember they are counting on you not to pay close attention or not care that much, or to just be one of the blind led by the Left who will agree with them just because they know better than you. You know, like today's Democratic Party!
But if poor ol' Dan is capable of facing the truth, he's going to realize that people are laughing at him.
This is worrisome because there's no telling what he would do. I keep thinking about how he stormed off the set and pouted because CBS stayed with a tennis tournament running long and it pre-empted his ALMIGHTY NEWS SHOW! My God, he'll be out on the ledge of the building if anyone challenges his integrity over the FORGED documents he portrayed as Gospel. Never mind that there is abundant evidence that the words in the document are not true. Never mind that there is abundant evidence that the document itself is a forgery. I've heard it said that CBS should have scrutinized this more before broadcasting. I say that their main concern was to get this out on the airways so as to help bring down another President, and to Hell with checking sources or authenticity. To their surprise, we questioned them. (Who do you think you people are?) So now they have been reduced to a bunch of 6 year olds who are not getting their way and jumping up and down whining and denying. Well look at that, Danny is becoming what he tried to make us think he hated. Hunkered down in guilt and denial. Remember now, those of us laughing at you know about the bogus Viet Nam Veterans episode, the total breakdown in the Bush '41 interview, the stupid sign offs, and the real cool smart-ass way you spoke to Nixon.
We also know your agenda and the Liberal Left go hand in hand, but you are a reporting news in a non-partisan way. Alow me to share something that any thinking ADULT doesn't have to be told. This President has some things known as character, conviction, patriotism, love of America, love of family, and love of God. These cannot be defeated by terrorist, lies, rantings of a John Kerry devoid of any character, and especially by a spoiled, self-serving, CBS boy.